Why Technology Landscaping?

Intellectual property and the patents associated with it are rich sources of business intelligence that can be complex and difficult to understand.

With the pace of innovation increasing, traditional technology landscaping and static patent maps don’t work anymore because they become outdated as soon as they’re completed. The phrase “technology landscape” means different things to different businesses. A technology landscape isn’t a one-to-one solution for any IP goal; it’s a category of assessments with different outcomes depending on the business context and strategy.

We’ll Help You:

  1. Identify current and future competitors
  2. Determine areas of white space for potential industry disruption
  3. Identify acquisition targets
  4. Explore opportunities for patent monetization/licensing
  5. Assess an acquisition’s IP value
  6. Evaluate IP risk

 technology landscaping

Discover Your Next Move With IPVision Interactive Patent Maps

To illustrate IPVision’s dynamic technology landscapes, we developed highly interactive, sophisticated patent maps that function as an interactive visualization tool. Unique to the industry, our patent maps make it easy to understand your technology landscape and the relationships between patents.

  1. Results backed by data, not opinion
  2. Real-time information for more informed decision-making
  3. Faster time-to-market
  4. Stronger competitive advantage
  5. Better ROI (just a fraction of the cost of most traditional patent consulting projects and reports)


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