Did you know that patent information provides a wealth of knowledge if you know where to look? Most companies approach it as an afterthought…but it should be your first thought. IPVision assesses core patent holders and carefully analyzes their intellectual property to show you the most relevant industry and technology value chains that you can use to more effectively chart your growth strategy.

If you want to disrupt your industry before it disrupts you- IPVision can help. The problem isn’t a lack of good ideas, it’s usually more about identifying the right people, processes, and timing and using data to take the next step.


Disruptive Innovation

Second to None Technology

IPVision employs proprietary algorithms and methodologies specifically designed to reveal key information about technologies and industries through patent data analysis.

This sophisticated patent data processing yields valuable insights that help you understand the technology landscape, how technologies have evolved, what strengths and weaknesses exist, and how to exploit them to create disruptive innovation opportunities that can yield greater profitability and success.


Our Innovation Consults Reveal:

  1. The commercialization history of a technology
  2. How that technology has changed and grown over time
  3. The disruptions that have affected or may affect that technology
  4. Where companies appear to be focusing innovation efforts
  5. Available commercialization and product whitespaces within that technology or adjacent fields
  6. Ways to enhance or modify that technology and space to create better competitive opportunities


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