“How do you do it?”

Using the massive amounts of patent information available to us, we conduct a thorough SWOT analysis of your technology segment. This lets us look closely at your competitors who have IP in that space to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Then, we carefully dissect each competitor’s portfolio and segment the patents into specific technology sectors to identify where your competitor has a strong or weak position, where the competitor is currently focusing R&D efforts, and how it might impact your business

“Why do I need SWOT?”

It helps you create a realistic, successful strategy to grow your business and increase profitability.

But, this isn’t just about SWOT analysis of patent portfolio; more importantly, it’s about helping you gain insights into business SWOT issues through a patent analysis lens. Without this key view of the business landscape you’re flying partially blind. Our consultants work with you to make sure you and your team have a more complete, focused view of the world.

SWOT Analysis
What You Get With a SWOT Analysis:

• The patent portfolios of your company and a group of your competitors

• A comparison of each portfolio based on strength and position of the holdings and quality of each patent from a written and “popularity” view

• An assessment of the technology/innovation direction based on recent filings that each company is going into

• After looking at everything, we put it together and give you a data-driven roadmap and plan to help your company outmaneuver your competitors and disrupt your market. All backed by data, not hunches


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