IPVision was founded in 2000 by a few MIT faculty members to solve a real problem. The problem? It’s something we call…innovation paralysis.

In the late 1990’s, Joe Hadzima and Dr. Hoo-min Toong (both MIT faculty members) were having a difficult time figuring out how to rapidly and effectively commercialize technologies. Before IPVision, understanding patents associated with a particular industry or technology, the intellectual property (IP), and landscape around them wasn’t easy.

So, they decided to design their own system to enable them to get better at technology commercialization. They created patent maps and visualizations, proprietary analytics platforms, and after bringing them into a few companies to show them what the technology could do for them…

…business leaders started asking for more:

…Fortune 100 Companies
…Product Development Teams
…Silicon Valley Startups

They were all hitting a wall when it came to innovation, and the tech developed by Joe and Hoo-min solved some real problems for them. The need continued to grow and out of necessity, IPVision was founded to help business leaders build the future by answering questions like:

  1. What should we build next?
  2. What trends should we know about so we don’t get “Ubered”? *
  3. Where is the market wide-open and how do we seize the opportunity?
  4. How can we see what our known competitors are doing…and beat them?
  5. How can we spot unknown competitors to stop the threat before it happens?
  6. We’re already a top-performer in our industry- how we do stay on top?
  7. How do we use patent data to plan mergers and acquisitions?

How We Help

Without data, how do you know what you should build or buy next? Without a mechanism for assessing (and identifying) competitive threats, how will you ever see them coming? If you’re an industry leader, how do you avoid disruption? If you want to grab more market share- how to do you map out a strategy for growth?

Enter IPVision.

We’re a team of experienced leaders in innovation, product development, and entrepreneurship who have helped some of the largest companies in the world disrupt markets, build new products, and launch new ventures.

And we do it all through patent data.

To see how we can help you make your next move, get in touch.

*Ubered: what happened to the taxi industry when Uber disrupted the scene in 2009