Using Technology Landscaping to Find & Assess Potential IP Assets

We qualify IP acquisition targets using qualitative analytics that help us tease out vital information about a technology sector, the players engaged in it, and the IP affecting it. Our approach leverages a range of proven research methods, analytics, and expert systems to identify potential acquisition targets for purchase and reveal:

  1. How novel is their IP?
  2. How strong are their patents?
  3. Is their portfolio strategically structured?
  4. How do they stack up against other targets?
  5. What would the world look like if a competitor acquired the target?

We analyze each acquisition target for the quality of the patent portfolio, down to each independent claim within each patent. Then, we provide the potential monetary value of the portfolio through an in-depth financial analysis.

Guiding You Through the “Make-or-Buy” Decision-Making Process

Deciding to develop a technology or product internally or to secure the IP from a third party can be challenging. There are a number of factors to consider like:

  1. Do we have the resources to effectively develop technology internally?
  2. What IP already exists?
  3. What’s the quality of the patents and are they available?
  4. What are the costs and limitations?
  5. What provides the fastest and most efficient path to market?

By conducting a technology landscape study based on thorough patent data analysis, we help you make informed decisions on whether to develop technology within a space, purchase it, or acquire the company that’s already invested the time and resources to create it.


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