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A Quicker & More Comprehensive Way to Review Patents

Intellectual property (IP) and the patents associated with it have traditionally been viewed defensively. Historically, patents have been used to exclude others from taking advantage of a technology and profiting from it. But, we look at IP differently—as a way to manage technology and encourage innovation. But, done improperly, this brings great risk. That’s why we utilize advanced, proprietary patent analytics to help you more fully evaluate and understand the technology landscape around you.

Using our proven patent and technology landscape analysis, along with our sophisticated patent claims analytics, we work with you to effectively address and mitigate competitive disruption, infringement issues, and patent litigation risks. By identifying ‘who’s doing what’ through patent filings, we’re able to guide you in determining the potential risks for your R&D efforts, helping you avoid being ‘boxed in’ by other companies patenting in or around you.

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