iScore quickly and accurately evaluates intellectual property and patent quality. This patent scoring expert system delivers a comprehensive assessment of a patent portfolio based on its size, position, and IP strategy quality.

  1. Inform your patent acquisition decision-making
  2. Screen candidates for mergers and acquisitions instantly
  3. Self-assess patent holdings to determine which patents have the best claims & positioning
  4. Instantly analyze the quality of competitor patents and determine their position relative to your own

Patent Maps

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IPVision Advantage

IPVision Advantage is a context-rich, interactive dashboard that makes it easy for you to visualize and understand and instantly assess the technology landscape around your industry, a competitor’s industry,  or a certain technology using current patent data that’s always up to date.



  1. Instantly identify current & future competitors
  2. Determine areas of white space for potential industry disruption
  3. Instantly identifying acquisition targets
  4. Explore opportunities for patent monetization/licensing
  5. Assess an acquisition’s IP value
  6. Evaluate IP risk
  7. Examine the IP value of potential investments

IPVision Advantage

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