A Fast and Intelligent Patent Review System

Companies can quickly and accurately evaluate large numbers of patents and patent portfolios for acquisition, sale, or licensing using iScore™. The algorithm-based system scores intellectual property quality of claims with an expert system that is customized for your specific business strategy.

Minimize Corporate Risk and Streamline the Patent Review Process

iScore quickly and accurately assesses patents and patent portfolios based on their claims strength, portfolio size, competitive position, and prosecution strategy. It goes beyond basic patent analytics to provide:

  1. Ability to prioritize patent review work: iScore’s simple, expert scoring allows patent review teams to focus their time on patents that have the best claims and positioning
  2. Consistent, evidence-based evaluation: Analyze potential patent portfolio acquisition targets with proven qualitative data
  3. Competitive market advantage: Assess the quality of competitor patents and determine their position relative to your own
  4. Significant time savings: iScore can assess thousands of patents within 24-48 hours

iScore claims analysis looks at:

  1. Claim-by-claim analysis: scores based on claim breadth and defensibility
  2. Noun phrases not supported: identifying noun phrases declare within the claims but missing from the specification.
  3. Patent family asset identification identifies all US family members associated with the given patent
  4. Competitor citation counts around each patent
  5. Companies can customize iScore based on specific business strategies, such as litigation analysis, licensing, or competitor analysis

iScore is an ideal platform for:

  1. Patent writing and prosecution quality control
  2. Mergers & acquisitions due diligence
  3. Cross-licensing negotiations
  4. Patent litigation
  5. Patent acquisition and licensing negotiations

The patent portfolio evaluation delivers both a patent-by-patent qualifying analytics breakdown for each asset within the portfolio, and an overall portfolio quality score. Using a weighted formula, patents that score above a given threshold are highlighted and sorted for review.

case-studyTo read about how iScore helped a Fortune 100 technology company process a backlog of 450 patent portfolios in less than 6 weeks, and continues to process an average of two to three portfolios (containing more than 1,000 patents) each week, download our case study here.

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