iScore quickly and accurately evaluates intellectual property and patent quality. This patent scoring expert system delivers a comprehensive assessment of a patent portfolio based on its size, position, and IP strategy quality.

iScore is often used to provide qualitative data for:

  1. Informing patent acquisition decision-making
  2. Screening candidates for mergers and acquisitions
  3. Self-assessing patent holdings to determine which patents have the best claims and positioning
  4. Analyzing the quality of competitor patents and determining their position relative to your own

Claims Analytics

IPVision’s Claims Analytics system assesses a patent portfolio’s strength and quality from a litigation and licensing perspective. Using proprietary algorithms, it quickly analyzes independent patent claims based on court cases and rules developed by experienced patent litigators and licensing experts.

IPVision’s Claims Analytics system is an ideal tool for:

  1. Patent writing and prosecution quality control
  2. Mergers & acquisitions transaction due diligence
  3. Cross-licensing negotiations
  4. Patent litigation
  5. Patent acquisition and licensing negotiations

Unlike traditional patent portfolio reviews, which are often based on subjective, personal assessments by individual analysts, IPVision’s iScore and Claims Analytics systems are evidence-based and repeatable to ensure consistency in assessments and valuations.

* CASE STUDY: “How a Fortune 100 company completed valuable
Claims Analytics on 1,000 patents in 2 days.”

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Technology Landscape

IPVision’s technology landscapes provide context-rich, interactive tools that make it easy for companies to visualize and understand the technology landscape using current patent data that is constantly updated.

Technology Landscaping is ideal for:

  1. Identifying current and future competitors
  2. Determining areas of white space for potential industry disruption
  3. Identifying acquisition targets
  4. Exploring opportunities for patent monetization/licensing
  5. Assessing an acquisition’s IP value
  6. Evaluating IP risk
  7. Examining the IP value of potential investments

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