Most companies are still approaching innovation and product development the old way: manual, costly, and slow. As a result, companies who are stuck doing things the old-fashioned way are being outmaneuvered and disrupted by startups and companies from competing industries.

How to Stop the Threat Before it Happens

Uber shouldn’t have invented Uber- Yellow Cab should’ve. Airbnb shouldn’t have invented Airbnb, Marriott should have. Their problem? Yellow Cab and Marriot were disrupted by younger, hungrier startups who saw holes in the market that they were neglecting or, just didn’t see.

Blind spots.

This is why IPVision exists- we help you see the blind spots, wide-open opportunities in the market, and disruptive innovation capabilities that are right in front of you. And, we do it all through patent data. By looking at your patent portfolio, potential disruptors can be identified early and their ideas can be used to spark your own innovation process.

In the past, this wasn’t practical because patents are dense technical documents. But things have changed. IPVision was founded to help growth leaders build and disrupt the future…

…instead of being disrupted by it.

  1. We give you a rapid, cost-effective, evidence-based way to look at patents in a business context.
  2. We help you move IP & patent analysis from being an afterthought to the first thought
  3. We let you harness technology to unlock business insights hidden in your intellectual property & patent portfolio
  4. We show you exactly what your known competitors are up to, as well as those that are seeking to disrupt your business

Innovation consulting IPVision

Data-Driven Innovation Strategy to Build the Future

Using our Consulting 2.0 approach, we help you grow, innovate, and avoid disruption. With proprietary patent analytics that uncover valuable business and competitive intelligence, we help you to assess and manage IP quickly and more affordably than ever before.

IPVision’s Consulting 2.0 is a powerful alternative for navigating today’s fast-paced and complex innovation landscape. Unlike traditional and outdated practices, we provide intellectual property-based insights specific to your company to help you build the future and scale for long- term strategic growth. This is done by combining the business and technology expertise of our senior consultants with our powerful, proprietary patent analysis technology.

The results speak for themselves.


Does Your Innovation Strategy Need an Upgrade?

If you’re on the precipice of making your next big move to disrupt the market (or, if you need to know what your next big move should be), IPVision can help. Our team is made up of current and former MIT faculty members who have been involved in patent analytics, IP consulting, and innovation consulting for a combined total of more than 50 years. We’re trusted by Fortune 100 companies, multi-billion dollar enterprises, and Silicon Valley Startups when it comes to helping them make data-driven innovation decisions.

To see how IPVision can help you build the future and own your market,  reach out to us for a free (no strings attached) strategy session.

The Traditional Way: The IPVision Way:
Hourly pricing Fixed fee
A one-time service and that’s it We function as an extension of your team 
Static deliverables Dynamic deliverables with online platform access
Extended timelines Shortened timelines
One-off analysis that is most often out-dated upon delivery Recurring & always-up-to date
White binder that sits on a shelf collecting dust, leaving you to figure out how to make the deliverable work in your organization Interactive dashboards with live links to what’s happened, what’s happening now, and what we foresee changing over time


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