Nobody Can Match Our Consulting 2.0 Engagements. Nobody.

Using proprietary algorithms, software, and expert systems developed by MIT trained experts, we conduct data-driven analyses to discover innovation opportunities. This technology-driven approach enables us to spend less time producing analyses and more time working with you. This technology is exclusive to IPVision. Nobody else can come provide you with the insights we can as quickly and as accurately as we can. Nobody.

Our deliverables include dynamic, interactive reports that present data and analyses in real time and can be easily updated to reflect changes within the IP landscape – providing you with a dynamic view that adjusts naturally over time. We combine these deliverables with working sessions to interpret and communicate the results to you, ensuring that the findings are internalized and made operationally available.

How an IPVision engagement is different:

  1. Delivery of a typical project in less than 8 weeks
  2. Projects are fixed fee (available as an ongoing subscription)
  3. Real-time insights built on our flexible, interactive platform
  4. Capable of being updated to reflect market changes

Gain actionable insights:

  1. Identify disruptive innovation opportunities
  2. Produce accurate competitor SWOT analyses
  3. Identify and analyze acquisition targets
  4. Drive corporate strategy & mitigate corporate risk
  5. Make more informed “make or buy” decisions

Disruptive Innovation

Disrupt Your Market Based on Data (Not Hunches)

Consulting 2.0 is an alternative for today’s fast-paced and complex Intellectual Property (IP) landscape. Unlike traditional and outdated practices, we provide IP-based insights specific to your company to help you build the future and scale for long-term strategic growth. We do this by combining the business and technology expertise of our senior consultants with our powerful, proprietary patent analysis technology.

You’ll work closely with IPVision’s senior consultants, who draw upon deep academic roots at MIT and extensive business, legal, financial, technology commercialization and intellectual property experience. Tailored to your specific business goals, our actionable insights identify the existing IP that impacts your industries, markets, and products. Then, we’ll help you develop your IP-driven business strategy.

See How You Stack Up

  • Our patent assessment system, iScore™ uses algorithms to analyze patent portfolios based on claims strength, portfolio size, competitive position, and prosecution strategy. This lets us assess tens of thousands of patents in days (not months) so you reduce your legal spend, benchmark your R&D efforts, and get a score for each patent portfolio telling you which one’s are worth pursuing, and which ones would be unprofitable.

Discover New Solutions

  • Our claims analysis system that assesses a patent portfolio’s strength and quality. This lets you assess each portfolio’s ability to support your revenue streams by excluding others from your product space.

Scale New Ventures

  • Our highly interactive, sophisticated technology landscaping makes it easy for companies to visualize and analyze patent data, enabling communication and collaboration in the creating of business strategies.

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